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Materials & Functions


  • Dermizax® NX

    Dermizax® NX

    Next-generation Waterproof Breathable Technology
    Redefining breathability through molecular control technology. Dermizax® Nx’s top-rated breathability is achieved by precisely controlling the linkage of advanced hydrophilic PU molecules which then allows creating a smooth,well-balanced structure.Speedy transmission with minimal condensation. Dermizax® Nx has the lowest condensation in the entire Dermizax® series.The more microclimate conditions saturate, the faster the transmission of water vapor,maiking Dermizax® Nx perfect for intense activity.

    Environmentally conscious membrane
    A new design polymer membrane consumes less energy during the membrane production process, reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Dermizax® EV

    Dermizax® EV

    The heavy-duty fabric that redefines comfort for performance fabrics. It is configured to provide maximum comfort by: an exceptionally high resistance to water pressure (that protects against the heaviest storm precipitation conditions) and greatly improved breathability. Entrant Dermizax EV’s comfortably dry feel quickly returns compared to other fabrics. Furthermore, the ultrathin membrane provides Entrant Dermizax EV with a feather smooth texture and lightweight configuration with superior water resistance rating: 20,000mmH2O and excellent breathability rating 20,000g/m2/24hrs.

  • Phenix 20,000mm , 10,000mm

    Phenix 20,000mm , 10,000mm

    A high performance fabric developed through extensive researches. Phenix 20,000mmH2O and Phenix 10,000mmH2O provides superior water-proofness, wind-proofness and breathability to keep us dry under the harshest conditions.

  • Aerothermo®


    The weakness of regular fleece, which offers little resistance to wind and rain, have been relegated by the development of Aerothermo. This new-generation fleece not only effectively repels both, but also maintains the softness and warmth that makes it such an attractive material for winter garments. In addition to its light weight and high moisture permeability, it also provides sufficient elasticity allowing unrestricted activity. Phenix applies Aerothermo both as a middle layer to enhance the thermal insulation properties of our cold weather skiwear and itself as an outer layer for spring skiwear.

  • Down


    Phenix select only excellent quality down to give our products the lightest weight, greatest warmth and longest performance. Warm, lightweight and resistant to expansion, shrinkage and water absorption in changing weather, down is the best thermal insulation material nature ever invented. Phenix down products exceed the industry’s 80% down and feather mixture standard for high-quality down products, and their shaper tension of well over 600 padding guaranteed in accordance with international down and feather regulations.

  • PrimaLoft®


    PrimaLoft® insulation is an integral component in products that provide warmth and comfort from head to toe, and is warmer, drier, softer and more compressible than all other insulations.

  • Thunderon® Digenite Thermo

    Thunderon® Digenite Thermo

    Digenite Thermo insulation contains Thunderon® fiber for superior warmth and heat retention. Digenite Thermo insulation is a ceramic composite incorporating Copper Light (Sunlight and other Light) which Infrared Rays (Short and Long) which are invisible to the eye. By an exothermic heat generation from natural sunlight and body energies, generates heat and retains this heat. Digenite Thermo material absorbs these electric waves to generate heat. Furthermore, this Thunderon® Digenite Thermo has strong anti-microbial and static electricity minimizing properties.

  • Phenix Nestlation

    Phenix Nestlation

    Phenix’s original 100% polyester high-loft insulation brings unbelievable warm and comforts.


  • 4-way Stretch

    4-way Stretch

    Stretch for Maximum Mobility and Superior Silhouette
    We introduce the 4-way Stretch fabric, which enhances higher mobility and flexibility for your better performance. This 4-way Stretch fabric allows us to provide you collections with superior silhouette and maximum mobility. We’re sure that you would enjoy this new special garment on the slope.

  • 2-way Stretch

    2-way Stretch

    Stretch for Mobility and Silhouette
    It’s essential to stay warm and dry when you’re on the slopes, but you also want superior mobility. Phenix incorporates lightweight, pliant materials in its outerwear to make sure your skiwear doesn’t limit your movement especially in key areas around the arms, waist and knees. The high-performance 2-way stretch material employed in our tops and bottoms ensure your max-ed out Mobility. These stretch materials also give Phenix Skiwear a better Silhouette with beautifully graceful lines and sculpting.

  • 3-D Air Cutting

    3-D Air Cutting

    By analysis, we realize that the new 3-D cutting technique well matches the modern ski style. Generally, most of the pressure of wear goes to your shoulder where you start feeling tired as soon as you put on any heavy gear. Thanks to this new cutting technique, about 85% Clothing Pressure of the wear exerted to the shoulders can efficiently be reduced so as to make you feel the way the wear is floating in the air instead of putting on you. You may even forget you actually are wearing it. Clothing Pressure Average(unit:gfcm2)/3-D AIR CUTTING:0.41 / Regular Cutting: 3.26 Source: TOKYO METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE

  • Ergonomic Design

    Ergonomic Design

    Carefully patterned by its R&D Center, Phenix’s ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.

  • Seamless Laser Cutting

    Seamless Laser Cutting

    Use of this state of the art technology, Phenix is able to offer a highly sophisticated and innovative precision cut. The laser cut results in a sealed edge free from any loose fibers. Delivering a high intensity focused laser spot produces a localized heat effectively welding predefined garment areas.

  • Adjustable Waist System

    Adjustable Waist System

    Fully adjustable waist for an exact fit. A snug fit ensures comfort and effortless motion. Gusseted waist band provides not only extra room for adjustment but also for comforts.

  • Women's Pants Fitting

    Women’s Pants Fitting

    This Collection unveils a choice of three pants: Regular Fit, Slim Fit, and Super Slim Fit. Regular Fit and Slim Fit pants build upon the successfully style of previous seasons. Super Slim Fit offers a new look for more tightened elegance and length. These three styles offer an even greater palette of choices for your personalized style.



    Phenix believe it’s mostly important and have developed the best possible protection for the young children to have the maximum fun on the snow.



    REPREVE® is the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber. Made from plastic bottles and fresh hope, we help you do more with less.



    With a 55-year heritage of durability, CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics utilize technologies trusted to deliver unmatched protection against tears, scuffs and abrasions. Our brand name and reputation are strongly tied to our continual need to innovate and improve our products. Innovation is at the core of all we do.



    WINDSTOPPER® garments are totally windproof, water resistant, and very breathable — protecting you where other jackets won’t. Designed so you can be both comfortable and stylish, now you can say yes more often.

    The membrane integrated into these jackets blocks all wind, keeping you warmer and more comfortable for longer.

    Moisture from sweat vapor can easily escape through the innovative membrane, so your body’s microclimate stays balanced.

    Jackets are designed to resist light rain and snow, which means light rain beads up and rolls off, so you stay comfortable

  • Capsaicin


    It is a product made by processing “capsaicin”, which is a hot ingredient in chili peppers and has the effect of promoting blood circulation as a warming material, into fiber.

  • Antimicrobial and Deodorant Finish

    Antimicrobial and Deodorant Finish

    It is a fiber with a deodorant effect that suppresses the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fiber.

  • Reversible


    It is a product that can be enjoyed in 2 ways, such as different materials, different patterns, and different colors.